Edited by Jake Rowland

Francis Galton


Composite photographs of the members of a family, c. 1878-82


Link: Galton at the Metropolitian Museum of Art, New York

Arthur Batut


Agde Type - 10 subject, 1885-1887


Courtesy Espace Photographique Arthur Batut


Link: Arthur Batut on Wikipedia

Dr. H. P. Bowditch


Twelve portraits of Boston physicians, including photographer Henry Pickering Bowditch, and a composite portrait of the group, 1887


Link: Countway Library of Medicine, Harvard Medical School.

Lewis Hine


Composite photograph of child laborer made from cotton mill children, 1913.


Link: Lewis Hine on The Public Domain Review

Ludwig Wittgenstein


Untitled Composite (Wittenstein with his three sisters) ca. 1920s


Link to this work

Wanda Wulz


lo + gotto (Cat + I), 1932


Link: Wanda Wulz at the Metropolitian Museum of Art

Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geidel

The Infantograph, 1939


Link: New Yorker

William Wegman


Family Combinations, 1972


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Nancy Burson


Warhead I (Reagan 55%, Brezhnev 45%, Thatcher less than 1%, Mitterand less than 1%, Deng less than 1%), 1982


Link: Nancy Burson’s website

Book Cover: Nancy Burson, Richard Carling and David Kramlich


Composites: Computer Generated Portraits.


New York Beech Tree Books, 1986

Time, The New Face of America, 1993

Albert Watson


Mick Jagger, (Double Exposure), 1992


Link: Albert Watson’s website



Mike, 1994-95


Link: Aziz+Cucher Website

Thomas Ruff


Andere Portraits, 1995


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Noah Kalina


Everyday, 2000-present


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Jake Rowland


River Rock Variations #1, 2005


Link: Jake Rowland's website

Eva Lauterlein


from the series chimères, 2002-07


Link: Eva Lauterlein’s website

Ruud van Empel


World #9 2005


Link: Ruud van Empel's website

Stacy Renee Morrison


Union, 2006


Link: Stacy Renee Morrison's website

Bobby Neel Adams


from the series

“Family Tree”, 2007


Link: Bobby Neel Adams' Website

Pelle Cass


Strangers, 2008-present


Link: Pelle Cass' Website

Raul Gschrey


The Typical Inhabitant or Automated Recognition Relies on Individual Characteristics - Try to look average, 2008


Link: Raul Gschrey's Website

John Paul Maye


No Longer Dieter (Composite of 9 individuals), 2011

Daniel Gordon


Portrait with a Yellow Window, 2011


Link: Daniel Gordon's website

Fred Cray


Untitled Self-Portrait, 2012


Link: Fred Cray's website

Paul Vinet


Portrait Composite of 20 people from the village of Labruguière, France, 2012 (20 people from the village of Labruguiere where Arthur Batut lived).


Courtesy Studio Batut


Link: Paul Vinet's website

Richard Prince


Untitled Girlfriend, (Jerry's Girl), 2013


A composite image of all

57 girlfriends of Jerry Seinfeld's

character that appeared

onscreen in the television

series Seinfeld.


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Ulric Collette


Twins: Laurence and Christine, 25 years, 2014


Link: Ulric Collette's website

Pep Ventosa


Portraits, II, 2014


Link: Pep Ventosa's website